Col. Robert H. (Bobby) Anthony

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State of Georgia

License #: AU004167


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Letteer's Import Auto Repair Liquidation


Letteers Auto Repair was located in Thomson, Georgia from the 1960's until the 1990's. They closed over a decade ago and the stock remained in the building until this year. The heirs sold the building and the new owners have rented it to a mechanic who works on diesel engines. They were needing to move the old stock immediately and did not want to wait for an auction. They approached BAAC and offered to sell us the inventory. The majority of these parts are NOS (New Old Stock). We are in the process of cataloging the inventory but if anyone would like to make an offer on any or all of the parts, please contact Tommy Gantt 706-833-9459 or Bobby Anthony 706-801-5161

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